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Radio Shows

New Radio Show airing every Monday from 8:30-9pm on Faith FM 94.3 Your Inspiration Station! Listen in to hear great discussions on topics such as:
Your Life ... Well Invested!

your life, well invested

Having an eternal perspective on how to manage your life, family and finances;

Building wisdom in 3 forms of capital: Financial, Social and Spiritual;

A Biblical Perspective on Reaching Your Goals and Finishing Well!


In short, Your Life ... Well Invested!

Grab a coffee and tune in Monday evenings for Your Life … Well Invested! with Brad Smith.

We believe in excellence in customer service and the Advice First approach to financial planning.

Our Mission Statement: Through combining modern day financial planning strategies with Biblical wisdom, we help families and individuals build, monitor and modify a Personal Financial Strategy to help them reach their goals and finish well.

Thank you for visiting our Your Life…. Well Invested Radio Show archive. The show aired on Faith FM 94.3 and featured topics with an eternal perspective on how to manage your life, family and finances. If you have any questions about the topics or would like to book Brad to speak at your event please complete this form:

Radio Shows

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